another dead hero

Photo credit: Drew Scott Photography

Igniting warm comparisons that have likened the quintet to such colossal heavyweights as Korn, Rage Against the Machine and the Deftones, Another Dead Hero also take on board the key fundamentals from NiN, binding it all together to deliver an intoxicating and engrossing sound.


Smashing back into the scene in 2018, Burnley based band Another Dead Hero spent many of their formative years honing their sound and crafting a set that would truly grip people. The fivesome have a grave dislike for the manufactured pop side of the music industry, and have always been fiercely independent, rigorously striving to deviate from the norm.

'Another Dead Hero successfully fuse all their inspirations together to create their own unique musicality'

HTA Magazine

'it’s the type of music you can lose yourself to'

Get Your Rock Out

'Another Dead Hero bring something different in terms of musical style as well as being visually entertaining.'